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Deicida 69 is a solist project from Mexico, the style is experimental rock, punk, noise & jazz. Its creator has remained anonymous. All their albums have been released on independent labels and never found on sale, all work is self-managed and altruistic.


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1 ene. 2007

Deicida 69 - Sin Esperanza (Demos).

Sin Esperanza was the first album released this project. It came out in 2007. The album is completely in Spanish, a style archaic; punk, industrial, vintage, not a high quality.

The album is now almost discontinued, only some tracks run through internet. Here one.

Deicida 69 - Dios Salve A La Reina (Versión Demo) por Ergo-Felix-Culpa

The album contains original songs and covers of the bands that influenced of Deicida 69: Sex Pistols, Eskorbuto.