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11 sep. 2010

Deicida 69 - Angalas (Ep).

After a period where no recordings were made, 2007-2010 period, in 11/09/2010 published the first EP of the band, which was called Angalas. The name does not refer to anything specific, is ambiguous, it is a modified Spanish word "Ángeles", is to some extent it is a metaphor where the figure of the femme-fatale.

The first track is Angalas, where it refers to a frustrated man looking for love; in the second track refers to the Red Zone (area of European prostitution) is made, and the third track is an introduction to Requiem Song, presented track on the next disc.

Angalas is a conceptual Ep, for which two videos were made; homonymous and another one concerning the Red Zone.

The cover of the album is the group's logo.