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24 nov. 2014

Deicida 69 & Yuuko Haii - Improvised & Insane: The First Association Libertine México​-​Japan (Split).

24/11/2014; a disk-split is published between Deicida 69 and Yuuko Haii, entitled "Improvised & Insane". This is the first split in music history between a Mexican and a Japanese band.

The album is divided in two sections, with five tracks each gives them. A-Side is made by an ultra noise contemporary of Yuuko Haii; tracks taken from daily life in the radio stations of Japan.

On the B-Side, 5 tracks of Deicida 69 are presented in a style Punk Rock/Experimental.
Deicida 69 - Dahiana
Dahiana is a song from Requiem disk (2014) -; the first full-length album of Deicida 69 is published; Requiem. The album consists of 14 tracks, some presented in the "demo" in Sin Esperanza, but most are new tracks. It begins with a cover of the Oak (a personal tribute, so-so/identical), and the rest of the album are original songs. The style of the disc through the punk rock, the experimental-progressive and dark music. There vocalized songs in english and spanish, tributes to poets of the beat generation. It is an unorthodox disk.The album was made with organic and electronic instruments; bass, guitars, drum machines, electronic synthesizers & soft. The album was produced, mixed and promoted independently.
Posted by Deicida 69 on lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Japan, the birthplace of Noise, has avant-garde artists in the genre. Far too many proposals time ahead, futuristic, vanguardist.
Mexico, with a rhythmic tradition, set in a chaotic environment, land of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, ground fighting, blood and festivity.
For the first time in the history of music, two artists from these countries have just work Noise / Experimental. The disc is a cultural contrast between a danger zone. 

The album is distributed by the Brazilian label specializing in Underground music, Plataforma Records.