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5 jul. 2015

Deicida 69 - About Antimusic On Sex

05/07/2015; Deicida 69 published the disk About Antimusic On Sex. A album with one long track Old Noise Style, The album cover was censored in various social networks, among which Facebook.

Is incredible that in the XXI century, the century of technological advances, a philosophy developed, a century of science and "liberalism" (demagoguery of the extreme-right), continue censoring images showing boobs and nipples.

About Antimusic On Sex is an exercise of experimentation than 20 minutes one track, for which basically delay and distortion effects used over a pornographic film that deals with an initiation of a young woman in the lesbianism.

The way the album is presented is a metaphor what means the comercial for anti-commercial, at a glance is the delivery woman to woman, and retail is both fornication.

Distributed by Plataforma Records