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10 may. 2015

Deicida 69 - Vocem For Atonal Wave: Côte & Ntoa (Dual Disc, Lp).

10/05/2015; Deicida 69 published the disk Vocem For Atonal Wave. A double album with 22 tracks where they mix styles like the Jazz, Old Punk, Grindcore and Ambient Noise. The album is the most complete production of the project, distributed in France and Brazil.

This material was well received by various independent labels and listen, probable effect given the diversity of styles found contained therein.

Deicida 69 is a newcomer on NKS from Mexico.
His double album should seduce people who likes legendary cold punk-gothic-early indus bands like Bauhaus, Psychic TV or Joy Division.
One can guess a true passion for litterature and revolution : the Beat Generation writers famous for their avant-garde poetry, provocative happenings & experiences of drugs or the Marquis of Sade and his sexual wanderings alongside young women somewhere between pain & pleasure. D69 is also clearly influenced by free jazz music in a few tracks. He played or programmed all instruments and recorded his own vocals in some tracks.
"Vocem For Atonal Wave" is a good weird mixture of dark and revolutionnary influences reinterpreted in a personal way.
Feel the power of the dark & experimental side! (Review by NKS International)

A cross between Rock 'n' Roll, the porn, the rebellion and mockery toward mexican political figures (El Flácido Culo de Angélica Rivera our Los Pinches Gatos del Sistema) are on this disc sharp humor and dark nature.

The tracks are voiced in english and spanish, sometimes there is a mixture of words under concept by William Seward Burroughs of free association of ideas and the violation of syntax rules; for example: European, Voice, Autumn, Jazz.

Expected that this album is the first of the group to be made in physical.

Distributed by Plataforma Records & NKS International Muzakillabel.