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26 oct. 2014

Deicida 69 - Fetish in Sight (Lp).

26/10/2014; the fourth disk published. It is left to the side lunge elegant heard of Angalas & Requiem. On this record is virulence. This is a possibly rude dense disk. Is crass. 

The album is called: Fetish In Sight. The themes are delirious facades, fetishism, bigotry, sexuality, the cyclical, the lyrics made ​​by way of rumors, and other similar aspects. The album was performed under a technique of free association in the structures, there parva wisdom in the lyrics and musical arrangements. It is a material that is thrown Experimental Rock, to Noise, to Punk, to the ethereal. It is an essentially introspective and complicated to understand in concept album, it tells a story. It's fast, pragmatic disk.

Some videos of the songs on the album were released over two months-a period which was conducted Fetish In Sight .

Distributed By Plataforma Records.